Cleaning & Air Quality

Dyer Vent Cleaning

To keep your dryer in a good performance, regular cleaning of the dryer vents is important. Clogged dryer vents will give additional strain on the equipment and may also start a fire. We offer a full dryer vent cleaning service in single strips, or you can have it as part of your maintenance package for discounted rates.

Air Quality

Our HVAC technicians in Brighton, TN are experts in choosing the right solutions for your IAQ concerns. You can choose from our line of IAQ products for a cleaner and healthier air inside your building.

High-efficiency air cleaners and Ultra Violet lights are our most requested items from consumers. We can also inspect your HVAC ductwork and make recommendations for necessary cleanings.
Even HVAC technicians forget to replace air filters. With our high-efficiency air cleaners, the need to replace filters goes way down. We offer filters that only need changing every 12-18 months.

Most business owners are not aware of the possibilities of mildew growing in your evaporator coil. With the conditions of cold, wet, and dark in the coil area, it creates a breeding ground for mildew. Most are not bothered by this and never know it’s there, but unfortunately, the growth of these particles can be strong enough to create odors in the building known as “dirty sock syndrome.”

Ultra Violet lights also known as UV lights are installed in the HVAC equipment in the evaporator coil area. The light shines constant UV rays on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas killing mildew and all other growths. UV lights also sterilize all of the air moving through your HVAC system.