As it gets cold outside, you surely want to heat up your indoors. But, South Eastern Comfort delivers a complete line up of heating products that match your comfort necessities. Our super-efficient and top class heating technologies offer great savings on both electricity and gas. We are a certified dealer of Carrier products since 2009, delivering feature-loaded and high-performance models and makes of heating equipment.

Our Featured Products

Heat Pumps

As a Carrier dealer for years, we guarantee first-class but affordable heat pumps that add comfort and value to your residential and commercial space. We offer high SEER/HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) heat pumps with low operating costs. While some brands can be an inconvenient source of noise, ours operate more quietly than others.

Gas Furnaces

Need a consistent and even heating for individual rooms at home? We have a wide range of gas furnaces with built-in advanced features for customized heating needs. Carrier provides the best warranty for furnaces so get yours now!

Water Boiler

Bathing during the winter months can be nerve-wracking with a cold splash of water. If you’re looking for convenient heating equipment, we have a wide array of water boilers that you can choose from. Take note: this isn’t your conventional heater.

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Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in Brighton, TN

Did your heating system break down in the middle of the cold season? Or, do you need to install a new heating system? No problem! South Eastern Comfort has got your back. We have trained technicians and qualified specialists to solve your heating woes.

Contact us today to get help from our experts for your heating needs and concerns.