When Does a Heater Thermostat Need Replacement?

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When Does a Heater Thermostat Need Replacement?

If you are having trouble with your heating equipment but found out that the system works well, what would you do? First things first: DO NOT PANIC! Maybe, you just need to replace your thermostat. Learn these signs of failing heater thermostat that indicate an urgent replacement.

  • Heater Not Turning On

A heater that does not turn on or respond to any thermostat settings is the first sign that you should look into it. By making changes in the thermostat, your heater should start operating. But if nothing happens, it is an indication that your thermostat requires urgent replacement.

  • Short-Cycling

When your heating system shuts off too early without completing the full heating cycle, it indicates a problem in the thermostat. Short cycling can make your indoor environment uncomfortable while causing your energy bills to increase tremendously. If your heater short cycles, it is time to get a new thermostat.

  • Inconsistent Temperature

With a malfunctioning thermostat, you are likely to suffer from uneven and inconsistent temperature indoors. On one side may be too cold while some parts of the house may feel stifling hot. It happens because the thermostat fails to sense your home’s indoor temperature or it receives wrong information regarding the settings. Do a quick check on the thermostat to determine if it is feeding correct information to your furnace. Test the furnace on two thermostat settings: Auto and On/Run. If the system does not operate based on the temperature setting, it is best to purchase a new thermostat.

  • Heater Turns On and Off

Does your heater constantly turn on and off? A thermostat that is functioning correctly will not cause your heating system to act this way. But if your unit does, your thermostat might be the culprit. In any event that you noticed this inconsistency in your heater, check your thermostat immediately. Try doing some DIY fixes like adjusting the temperature, checking the batteries, turning the thermostat on and off and other possible ways. If you think the issues are complicated, you might need to ask help from professionals. Or best – get a new thermostat for replacement.

Watch out for these signs of a malfunctioning thermostat. Never attempt to examine these issues by yourself for safety measures. Call our experts at South Eastern Comfort, LLC for inspection so we can get to the root of the issue and provide quick and quality solutions. Contact us now!