Top 7 Energy-Saving Tips for This Summer

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Top 7 Energy-Saving Tips for This Summer

Want a comfortable home without overheating your wallet? Increasing your summer savings is possible whether you are spending the season at home or on vacation. Here are smart energy-saving tips you can consider.

  1. Work Out Your Windows

Use your windows as natural ventilation during the summer months. Open them in the daytime to allow fresh air to enter. Installing coverings, shades, and blinds can keep the heat at bay. As a result, your home can reduce heat gain by up to 45%.

  1. Do A/C Hacks

Turn off your A/C at night or when you are leaving home or raise your thermostat setting by a degree or two instead. This way, you can lessen your power usage. Also, make sure to keep the air filters clean so your air conditioning unit will not have to work longer and harder throughout the warm months.

  1. Keep Ceiling Fans Turning

Instead of using your A/C system, you can use the ceiling fan as an alternative. Ceiling fans give additional cooling sensation so you do not have to run your unit in full force. Keep a counterclockwise rotation of the fans to push cool air towards the floor. Switching from air conditioner to ceiling fans can increase your summer savings as much as 60%.

  1. Seal Those Cracks

Keep cool indoor air by sealing openings and cracks in any part of your home. Your crawlspace, walls, doors, and windows must leave no space for warm air to enter the house. Use a weather-stripping sealant to cover those cracks. Bear in mind that insulation plays a vital part in reducing your energy usage this season. Do not let the conditioned air sneak out of the windows.

  1. Look for ENERGY STAR

If you want to get higher savings on your electric bill, think of ENERGY STAR alone. When shopping for lighting fixtures, a new A/C unit or the newest model of freezer, you should set your eyes for energy star logo. Products recognized by the company use the least amount of power so you can save more cold cash in the bank.

  1. Smart Off Your Home’s Temperature

Controlling your temperature can make a great difference in your energy saving goals. With this, a smart thermostat can help. Save up to $180 on your yearly electric costs with it installed in your home instead of the traditional or manual thermostat.

  1. Suspend Some of Your Appliances

Give some of your heat-generating appliances like dryer and oven a break this summer. Do not use your appliances when they are not needed. For greater savings, refrain from using your electric stove or oven and try grilling outside.

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