The Importance of Home Performance Evaluations

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The Importance of Home Performance Evaluations

Why suffer from uneven temperature and skyrocketing energy bills when you can transform your home into an energy efficient and more comfortable living space? If you are clueless about the strategies to cut down your home’s energy consumption, a home performance evaluation might be a good start.

Learn how this whole-house approach can solve your energy efficiency issues and fix your comfort problems.

Why Perform a Home Evaluation?

The goal of a home performance evaluation is to come up with the most cost-effective solution that addresses your comfort problems, including poor indoor quality, inconsistent temperature and more. The evaluation allows you to assess your overall energy usage considering several factors such as your HVAC system, airflow, IAQ and insulation, indoor humidity and moisture.

A professional HVAC contractor uses a set of tools to examine the efficiency of your system, insulation levels, ductwork, leaks and even electrical outlets. Your home performance is evaluated through a blower test as the initial process. The test is designed to detect cracks and leaks throughout the house inclusive of your windows and doors. Certain home preparations are arranged before doing the tests and assessments. Your HVAC partner will help you prepare and condition your house prior to the evaluation process.

What Happens After the Evaluation?

You will receive a written summary of tests’ results along with effective solutions on how to fix the problems. The findings include detailed recommendations from your contractors whether your home needs an insulation upgrade or air leak sealing. Your HVAC partner will also discuss some practices and improvement projects to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

A house performance evaluation comes with a multitude of benefits for you and your family. If you are concerned about your comfort and your pocket, it’s important to consult the experts to inspect your home and carry out appropriate tests and measurements.

Let Us See If Your House Qualifies

South Eastern Comfort, LLC offers a complete house performance evaluation throughout Brighton, TN, and other surrounding areas. We perform a series of tests to identify the main cause of your comfort issues. If you are planning to install a new heating or cooling system, we can help you evaluate if it is efficient for your home. We want what’s best for your living space. Trust our experts to maintain comfort in your home.

Do you want to make your home energy efficient? Call us to schedule an appointment.