Fall Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

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Fall Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

Fall is the time of the year when homeowners in Brighton, TN are switching to heating systems to cope with the cold weather. While some of them use furnaces at home, others prefer heat pumps for greater efficiency. To keep your heat pumps in the best shape, we have listed a complete maintenance checklist below.

  1. Keep your outdoor unit clean and clear from any obstructions to allow proper airflow. Trim your shrubs and cut bushes that can impede the flow of air.
  2. Inspect the ducts for damages, cracks, and leaks. Keep your ductwork free from dirt and debris to promote cleaner and healthier air indoors.
  3. Check your heat pump’s refrigerant level. If it drops lower than the preferred level, your system will work harder to distribute warm air to your home. The low refrigerant level can be devastating to your heat pump in several ways so, make sure it is regularly checked by specialists.
  4. Examine all the internal parts. Clean or lubricate them as often as possible to prevent unexpected failure. Always keep the following moving parts in check.
  • Blower wheel and blower motor
  • Bearings and lube motors
  • Belt and pulleys
  • Expansion valve
  • Heating coils
  • Air Handler
  1. Check all electrical connections if they are working properly. Let the pro inspect all wiring and other electrical parts to ensure that your system will work as intended. Look out for loose or damaged wires that can cause fire if neglected.
  2. Inspect the unit’s disconnect switch. Overheated and worn out switch may blow anytime. If not given immediate attention, it can lead to fire and other potential hazards.
  3. Do a routine cleaning of the condenser unit including the fan motor, fan blades, and coils. A dirty outdoor unit prevents the heat pump from operating at its utmost performance. You may use a waxing material on the condenser for added protection, especially during extreme weather.
  4. Make sure the thermostat is functioning correctly. Check the batteries and settings.
  5. Change the filters. Maintaining a clean filter is one way to keep your heat pump running efficiently. If it has been a while since you last replaced your air filters, now is the best time to change it. Inspect the filters monthly or as often as required.

When the cold weather becomes unbearable, your heat pumps can be your savior. Thus, it is just right to keep it in its best condition. Follow this heat pump maintenance checklist from South Eastern Comfort, LLC, and you’ll never go wrong. Contact us for more expert tips today!