5 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Fall

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5 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Fall

As you spend more time indoors this fall, it is important to give special attention to your home’s indoor air quality. If you do not know where to start fixing your IAQ, we will give you five (5) simple tips to keep healthy air indoors.

  1. Invest in Natural Air Fresheners

Unpleasant smells in your Brighton, TN house can be unbearable and bothersome at times. And one way to combat these nasty smells is through an air freshener. Should you use commercial an air fresheners that often have harmful chemicals or an organic air freshener? We recommend that you use the latter for healthier indoor air.

  1. Clean as Often as Possible

Cleaning your house should not be a responsibility but a hobby. And if you are after maintaining the highest quality of air indoors, never neglect to clean your abode regularly. Dust off the shelves and furniture. Wash your bed sheet and pillowcases at least thrice a week. Set rules that pertain to cleanliness and orderliness.

  1. Get a Humidifier

The fall season means that the air inside your home can become dry and stiff which can result in dry eyes, skin irritation, sinusitis, and other respiratory problems. Not only that, dry air can cause shocks and cracks on wood floors especially if they are not made of hardwood. A humidifier can prevent these problems by adding water vapor in your indoor air. There are several types of humidifiers that fit your home and comfort needs. You can choose either a whole-home or portable humidifier, depending on your requirements.

  1. Spend Some Money on New Air Filters

Your furnace will be working hard throughout the cold months. Thus, it is just right and practical to purchase new filters to prepare your home for the season. Get the air filters that trap a large volume of airborne particles to ensure safety and comfort to each occupant.

  1. Conduct a CO Level Test

If you have not installed carbon monoxide detectors at home, today is the best time to have one. CO detectors are smart technologies that send alerts if your home is unsafe or if CO levels have reached its maximum. Ask your HVAC contractor to inspect them at least twice a month to ensure that they are working fine.

Maintaining a clean and safe indoor air is possible through simple efforts and with the help of professionals at the same time. Contact us at South Eastern Comfort, LLC to schedule an IAQ test and maintenance. Call us today!